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Welcome to marcspiegler.com, an online archive for my published articles. Feel free to e-mail me with comments, criticisms, and questions.

I was a journalist for more than a decade, first based in Chicago and then in Zurich. Since becoming one of Art Basel's directors in September 2007, I have not written any articles, or updated this website.

Obviously, I did a lot of writing on the arts - especially towards the last part of my journalistic activity. Yet the articles here range wildly in topic, length, style and venue - everywhere from ArtNews to Sports Illustrated, by way of Arena and suck.com (no, that's not a porn site). Which made me either a wide-ranging writer or a dilettante. You decide...

The categories (listed above right) are a little haphazard. When in doubt, I have put an article on multiple pages. Also, a lot of my older work - such as almost all my 1990s architecture-and-design writing in Metropolis magazine - is not online yet. And may never be.

In February 2007, I launched the group blog www.artworldsalon.com with two friends, András Szántó and Ian Charles Stewart. It's a moderated digital discussion forum, focused upon the fast-paced transformations taking place in the global artworld, including: the economic shifts roiling its markets; its internationalization and expansion; the impact of technological developments; and the rapid changes in the broader perception of the artworld and the artworld’s perception of itself.

I still read Artworld Salon, but I haven't written for it since I started at Art Basel. Fortunately, an able and international group of contributors joined Andras and Ian in keeping the discussions there vibrant. Check it out.

  Featured article: New York Magazine
  "Is Terence Koh’s Sperm Worth $100,000?" | January 8, 2007 | Linked here
With his first New York City museum solo show about to open at the Whitney, I tracked Terence Koh's three-year rise from working anonymously as "asianpunkboy" to being an art-market It Boy - a trajectory made possible by collaborating with balls-out art dealer Javier Peres. Now comes the hard part: Keeping the spotlight.
  Featured article: New York Magazine

"The Hunt for Red Collector" August 21, 2006 | Link
When an unknown buyer won Picasso's "Dora Maar au Chat" for
$95 million at Sothebys, it ignited an artworld parlor game. Trying to track down the mystery man, I talked to sources on four continents and then laid out my quest as a whodunit with Russian overtones.

  Featured article: The Art Newspaper
  "Do Art Critics Still Matter?" | April 2005 | View Article
This hard look at the sorry position of today's critics was rapidly translated into French, German and Norwegian, and launched
many blog comments, emails and discussions.
  Featured article: Art + Auction
  "Negative Charges" | February 2005 | View PDF (2.5M)
An investigative piece detailing the controversy and lawsuit surrounding 921 negatives from the estate of Mali's Seydou Keita, commonly considered Africa's greatest photographer. Amid charges and counter-charges of forged documents, exploited artists and other chicaneries, truth at times seemed a mirage.
  Featured article: Art + Auction
  "The Devil and the art detective"
July 2003 | View PDF (362 KB)
An extensive profile of Clemens Toussaint, who at the time ranked among the most controversial men in the European artworld. In part because he's a tempestuous maverick in a milieu of complicit discretion. But also because art restitution is a minefield of ethical dilemmas and conflicting "realities." Roaming from 1930s Germany to present-day Monte Carlo, this article ranks among my best ever.
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